When I am not behind a camera, I am most likely drinking coffee (always), editing photos, watching Friends, or embroidering. I have an amazing assistant (who is also my loving husband) named Paul.

I am originally from a small town near Albany, NY and since then have moved to Philadelphia, PA.  My favorite place to relax and reflect is sitting in the middle of a lake on my kayak, or next to a fire in the spring.

I absolutely LOVE clients who are willing to have a little fun and share their stories with me to create memories that will last forever.


Here at EDP, we want to present our clients with the best possible quality product.  After our session with you, we hand select the final edited images you will receive to be sure each photo is up to our high quality standards.  We understand that many families don't wish to print all of their photos and our hope is that you can cherish your photos in whichever way works best for you.  

All of our images are captured in a RAW color format and will be properly edited prior to your viewing.  Once edited, your images will be uploaded to an online gallery and you will receive a 4-digit code to utilize when downloading.  We don't release any extra images that aren't included in the final gallery as these were not created or intended as final products, they were simply enabling us to work out issues with lighting, poses, etc.